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Terms of Use

Dear Guest/Customer:

Thank you for visiting www.lillianismail.com. These Terms of Use provide protection for us and our esteemed Users as well as any visitor using this Site.

You agree and acknowledge that your access to and use of the Site is considered an acceptance of all the conditions and provisions of these Terms of Use. If You don’t accept any of these provisions, please stop accessing and using the Site.

Lillian Ismail reserves the right to change, modify, add or remove any part of the Terms of Use at any time. The changes come into effect on the date they are posted on the Site, so kindly check the Terms of Use on a regular basis to see all updates. Your continued use of the Site is considered as an agreement to all changes that are made to Terms of Use.

The following terms shall have the meanings assigned to each of them unless expressly stated otherwise in the text; and all references to the singular shall include the plural and vice versa:



"We" or "Us” or “Lillian Ismail”:

Refers to Lillian Zuhair Mohammed Saleh Ismail Trade Establishment [lillianismail.com].

“Terms of Use”:

Refers to lillianismail.com’s terms of use, pursuant to the latest version posted on lillianismail.com


Refers to the sale and purchase of jewelry and precious stones, and all other services and products set forth on lillianismail.com.

“lillianismail.com " or “Site” or “Platform”:

Refers to www.lillianismail.com (including the mobile phone site) and all applications and/or tools that the Service is provided on which is owned, controlled, operated, maintained and/or hosted by Lillian Ismail / www.lillianismail.com

“User” or “You” OR “Your”:

Refers to any visitor, client, customer and/or guest using or browsing the Platform and/or purchasing the Services




Electronic Communications

By using the Site or Lillian Ismail Services, You agree to receive all electronic communications in any form through electronic mail or periodical newsletters or notices or warnings as promoted on the Site. Accordingly, You agree that all electronic communications sent to You by Us are legally binding and are considered to have the same effect as written communications.

Personal Information and Transaction Details

You give www.lillianismail.com an unlimited right to use, in accordance to the Privacy Policy of the Site, Your personal information or any other information provided to www.lillianismail.com via the allocated forms for registration and communication or via an electronic mail or through any other communication channel available on the Site.


Shall include the content, structure, graphical data, designs, combinations, electronic translation, digital contents and all other things related to the Site, all such materials shall be protected under trade-name laws, intellectual property laws and general property principles. It is strictly prohibited to copy, distribute, use or print any of the mentioned materials or part thereof from the Site or from other related websites, except as permitted pursuant to the relevant and effective laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


All words, logos and symbols displayed on the Site are owned by either by www.lillianismail.com or third-parties whether they are registered trademarks and/or unregistered designs, phrases, symbols and words; shall be protected under intellectual property laws.

All other trademarks not owned by www.lillianismail.com and appearing on the Sites are the property of its owners, such owners may or may not be affiliated with.

Terms of Service

Lillian Ismail Services :

Lillian Ismail is an online Platform for the purchase of fine jewelry..

By purchasing through lillianismail.com, the User can enter into a direct (legally binding) contractual relationship with www.lillianismail.com.

Acceptable Use

User hereby acknowledges that the purpose of the Site is limited to providing Services by www.lillianismail.com to the User. Therefore, the Site shall not be used except for fulfilling its purpose.

When using the Site, the User shall not conduct any prohibited actions, including but not limited to, performing the following prohibition actions:

Using the Site to defame or third parties; Publishing or posting any incorrect, forged or illegal information; Spreading or uploading any viruses via the Site; Using the Site for violating any applicable laws; Using the Site in any manner that damages, limits or hinders the use of the Site by Lillian Ismail or third parties; Harming others or promulgating pornographic materials or materials that are harmful to children; Fraud, deception or forgery; and/or Marketing, propagating or advertising any products, services, companies or jobs.



We would also like to inform You that the Site’s main currency is Saudi Riyal.



Payments for the purchase of jewelry shall be made though the Site via bank transfer, credit card, and master card. 

Refund & Exchange Policy:



  • You may return your creation, in a new and unused state and perfect condition, 1 day following the purchase for a full refund accompanied by the original receipt.
  • For online orders kindly contact us directly via email at info@lillianismail.com. The amount will be transferred within 7 - 14 days after the refund request.
  • The product can not be accepted if it shows signs of wear or if it has been altered from its original condition, or its packaging has been damaged or used.
  • We reserve the right to deny unreasonable repairs, refunds, and exchanges.


  • Our creations are accepted for exchange returned in a salable condition within 3 days following the purchase, accompanied by a sales receipt.
  • For online orders kindly contact us directly via email at info@lillianismail.com
  • The product can not be accepted if it shows signs of wear or if it has been altered from its original condition, or its packaging has been damaged or used.
  • We reserve the right to deny unreasonable repairs, refunds, and exchanges.


  • For returns, exchanges, or any other services charges will be covered by the customer.
  • Even during the 1 month warranty, shipment fees from and to our headquarters will be

covered by the customer.


  • Lillian Ismail's creations pass through our quality control department before distribution.
  • You can return your creation within only 24 hours if manufacturing defects are found
  • Returns due to manufacturing faults will not be accepted past 24 hours.

The cardholder accepts and acknowledges that Lillian Ismail does not offer an authenticity certificate for pieces that include less than 1 carat of diamonds.


Communication and Inquiry

User has the right to communicate with www.lillianismail.com at any time for any inquiry or complaint about any technical problem, through communication channels set out in the “Contact Us” page within www.lillianismail.com

Liability Disclaimer

The information and services obtained from the Site or through it, is information and Services provided "as is" and "on availability".  As such, Lillian Ismail shall not be, under any circumstances, liable towards any damages including but not limited to direct or indirect damages, special or incidental or consequential damages, losses or expenses arising from the Site or its use or the inability of its use by any party or any failure in its use, error, suspension, disruption and delay of its operation or broadcasting or due to computer viruses or a lines disruption or a system disruption, or due to a violation of these Terms of Use or guarantees or negligence or personal responsibilities towards the Services or information and any other matter, even if the Lillian Ismail was given notice of the possibility of the occurrence of such damages, losses and expenses.

Nature of the Relationship

You agree that the Terms of Use shall not be considered and interpreted under any circumstances as an employment contract or an agency agreement or a partnership. Further, You are not permitted to introduce yourself to any third-party as an employee, agent or representative of www.lillianismail.com.

Applicable Law

The Terms of Use and its interpretation and execution shall be governed by the relevant regulations and judicial authorities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Amendments to the Terms of Use

www.lillianismail.com has an unlimited right to amend, at any time, these Terms of Use. You may access the most recent version of the Terms of Use on the Site at any time. In case you do not accept the amendments to the Terms of Use, You must immediately cease Your use of lillianismail.com. However, Your continuance to using the Site shall result in Your acceptance and compliance with the amended Terms of Use.

Contact Information

The Site is owned by Liliyan Zuhair Mohammed Saleh Ismail Trade Establishment, an Establishment registered in the Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

If You have any comments or suggestions, we would be happy to receive them on the following electronic mail address info@lillianismail.com .

Thank You for using www.lillianismail.com