About Her

Lillian Ismail

Lillian Ismail is a  jewelry designer who embarked upon her journey by building her brand in 2013. Upon the cusp of independence, she was named as the “Youngest Saudi Jewelry Designer” at the age of 17. In New York, the city of art and fashion, Lillian developed her craft skills, broadened her knowledge, and honed her aesthetic with a BFA in Jewelry Design from Pratt Institute. 

Born and raised in Saudi Arabia, she reignites the faltering flame of her heritage by blending contemporary elements with Islamic inspired concepts in her designs. Her pieces, "artwork" as she refers to her designs, are used as a medium to express concepts from her culture and Islamic background. Each collection and piece tells a unique story of its own.


As one of the very few trained female Saudi bench jewelers and makers, she believes that the soul of the designer is reflected throughout the piece, giving it a different feel when handcrafted. A religious relationship of a different kind raises between the artisan and the material. Her designs are all handmade piece by piece locally in her hometown, Jeddah.

Lillian’s goal is to encourage the rise of artisans in her home country, especially in the field of jewelry that lacks the female hand in the production process. The  Modern Studio Jewelry movement in the 1940s profoundly influenced her insistence on raising the awareness of craftsmanship and the importance of design through her work.