the designer

Lillian Ismail is a leading creative entrepreneur, jewelry consultant and jewelry maker in the Arab world. She has been constantly recognized as Saudi Arabia's youngest jewelry designer at the age of 17. Lillian Ismail established a reputable brand with nationwide sales. Lillian received her BFA in jewelry design from Pratt Institute where she developed her craft and honed her skills and aesthetic.

To date, she has taught a big number of aspiring designers the art of jewelry design. She has been featured in Vogue Arabia, Cosmopolitan, Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, in addition to other regional and international magazines recognizing the success of her ever growing brand. Currently, Lillian Ismail Jewelry is a leading name in the design and training industry of jewelry design in Saudi Arabia.

the brand

Lillian Ismail jewelry is a fine jewelry brand founded in 2013 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. 

The brand was born out of a love of culture and heritage. The designer found a need to commemorate and immortalize her heritage through her passion for jewelry design. Her artwork seeks inspiration from ancient Islamic and Arabic elements such as astronomy, architecture and  nature, all of which are present in the environment around her. Her pieces are used as a medium of expression and representation. Every collection tells a story of its own, reflecting the soul of the designer and individuality of the wearer. Her handcrafted creations procure elements, materials, and techniques from the past and bring them to contemporary form through colorful stones and precious metals.


Among a small number of female bench jewelers in Saudi, she believes that the soul of the designer is reflected throughout the piece, giving it a different feel when handcrafted. A religious relationship of a different kind is built between the artisan and the material. 

Lillian’s goal is to encourage the rise of artisans in her home country, especially in the field of jewelry that lacks the female hand in the production process. Also, to preserve traditional skills together with new technologies introduced through contemporary design. The birth of the Modern Studio Jewelry movement in the 1940’s highly influenced her insistence to raise the awareness of craftsmanship and storytelling through her work.