About Her

About Her

It is very important to know more about the designer your purchasing unique creations from to have better communication with the piece of jewelry you will wear!
Allow us to tell you more about the creative mind behind Lillian Ismail jewelry.



Lillian Ismail is a jewelry designer who embarked upon her journey by building her brand in 2013 as a result of her high school graduation project. Upon the cusp of independence, she was named as the “Youngest Saudi Jewelry Designer” at the age of 17. In New York, the city of art and fashion, Lillian developed her craft skills, broadened her knowledge, and honed her aesthetic with a BFA in Jewelry Design from Pratt Institute. 

During her practice and education, Lillian had the honor to intern at the prestigious fashion house, Oscar de la Renta in New York City. She is also a certified trainer who worked on big consultancy projects with private and governmental sectors in the field. Lillian currently teaches at Raffles Design Institute in Riyadh and runs the department, as she also dedicates one week of her month for an intensive workshop she hosts regularly. 

Lillian believes in the beauty of jewelry as a form of art. Oh wait, I will not get deep into that, check out her next blog posts!


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I have a 30 years collection of gemstones mostly Australian Opal, all stones are cut, polished and ready to be set in jewelry piece.
Should you be interested I can send you some pics and videos,
I am looking forward to invest my stones with jewelry designer or factory.
Please advise if you are interested.


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