size guide

ring size guide

1. measure your finger in the evening when its most likely the largest.

2. do not measure your finger in extreme heat or cold, which might affect the size of your finger.

3. keep in mind that your fingers are not the same size on your other hand.

4. do no go tight with your ring size, therefore, make sure the ring can move comfortably along the entire length of your finger.

5. if your ring is between two sizes, the larger size is the better choice.

bracelet size guide

how to measure your bracelet size?

1. wrap a tape measure around the wrist on which you plan to wear your Lillian Ismail creation.

2. mark the number that meets the 0: this is your bracelet size

another way of measure your bracelet size at home:

1. use a length of ribbon or sheet of paper cut in thin width.

2. wrap it around your wrist and then measure the length with a ruler Always add 1.5 cm to ensure the bracelet fits comfortably, unless you want a very tight fit. 

3. you can determine that by adding or subtracting centimetres according to whether you prefer a loose or tight fit. Refer to the numbers below for our bracelet sizes.